“I think good dreaming is what leads to good photographs.”
— Wayne Miller

The negative is comparable to the composer's score and the print is its performance.”
— Ansel Adams

This is where the rubber meets the road. The process of making a photograph isn't complete until the print is made. Until then, it's just a digital image. It's similar to the difference between a real, printed book and an ebook. There's something about a physical print that makes us look. A print is the photographer's invitation to you. It's a doorway into his soul. Because photography isn't about what you see, but how you see it. A well executed print recreates the inner state of the photographer at the instant of the shutter click. Every decision I make in the process of crafting a photograph is aimed at the print. It's the fullest realization of my vision.

My prints are the result of printing and tweaking and reprinting until I'm happy with the result. Every print is made by me on the finest quality archival paper. Each one is matted, mounted, signed, and ready for framing in standard size frames. Print sizes are given as matted size. Metal prints are made by infusing dyes onto specially coated aluminum. The result is a depth and detail similar to what you might see on HDTV. Each metal print is frameless and has a recessed mounting box attached to the back which allows the print to "float" 1.5 inches off your wall. It's truly a stunning effect. If you're interested in acquiring a print, drop me an email at jim@alteredspacephoto.com