Ascension: Down In A Hole


Ascension : Down In A Hole

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This is my first piece of work since taking Julia Anna Gospodarou’s workshop. She turned my thinking about my work upside down and inside out. I expect that, as I integrate more and more of the principles I learned during that weekend, the tenor of my creative expression will change.

This photograph of Lake Point Tower was shot the Saturday after the workshop. I was on a modern architecture tour with Chris Smith and the Out of Chicago gang. Thanks Chris! This is the next in a series of pieces that represents my journey from darkness to light. I’ll be reorganizing the galleries on the website in accordance with this. I view the world from the perspective of rock bottom and so when I look at architecture I see the soaring character of the building. Each structure has its own soul, its own mode of expression. This is determined by the creative intent of the architect and affected by the surroundings, the light, the mood of that particular moment, and my own inner state. What I choose to emphasize in each photograph a composite of all those things.

The black glass of Lake Point Tower is a light mirror. The inner curves in its clover shaped surface act as bowls, catching ambient light. The sun halo in the upper right is a happy accident. A warm day with frigid winds coming off the lake provided this unexpected gift.