October 24-25, 2015
Fine Art Black and White Photography Workshop
With Award Winning Fine Art Photographer Jim Welninski

                                                 Instead of this.                                                                                               Original Exposure                                                 

                   I can teach you how to make your work look like this,                                                                  Rondo Sonata                                                     


                                                                                                            You can transform this,                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Original Exposure                                                                                                               


                                                                                                                       Into this.                                                                                                                                                                                                                             The Bean - Jewel Of The City                                                                                                         

Hello, I'm Karen Gallo, Organizer of Got The Shot Club. I want to tell you about a very special event in which many of you have expressed interest.
Black and white photography has an emotional power that is unique unto itself. Without the distraction of color, the importance of lines, forms, volumes, and light become even more important. They alone must carry the message of the photograph to the viewer. It's the vision of the artist that creates this impact and that elevates a photograph into the realm of art.

Join multiple international award winning photographer Jim Welninski for 2 intensive days of study in the art and craft of creating fine art black and white photographs. Learn how to touch the emotions of your audience so that they connect with your vision and see your work the way you intend it to be seen. Take it away Jim!

                       Photo by Karen Gallo                                                       Photo by Liv Dean Photography

                       Photo by Karen Gallo                                                       Photo by Liv Dean Photography



Longe Line


Tribune Gothic

Hi, I'm Jim Welninski. I've shown my work and won awards both here and in Europe. Join me for this unique workshop, where you'll learn the secrets to producing award winning images. The techniques I will share with you are the very same ones I use to make jaw dropping images that really connect with my audience. I'll show you everything. I'm not going to hold back any "secrets". I'll also emphasize the importance of developing your own artistic vision and give you plenty of ways to think about that. Vision is what makes art, and that's what your viewers will grab onto: images that communicate your vision clearly. Without vision, photography is just a collection of snapshots.There are millions of them all over the internet. Pretty pictures, to be sure. But what can they show you that you haven't seen a thousand times before? That's the purpose of this workshop: to set you apart from the crowd and raise your photography from snapshots to real art. Your art.

                                         This workshop will take place over 2 days, rain or shine. Bad weather equals great photography!                                                                  I am offering this to you at a one-time introductory rate of $199. A non-refundable deposit of $50 guarantees your spot.                    The balance of $149 is due by 10-16-15. The workshop will fill up fast. so reserve your spot now!

Day One, 10am to at least 4pm: We will visit some of the most iconic architectural sites in Chicago and you’ll get personal, hands-on instruction in the field from me. I'll have my camera and tripod with me but I won't be shooting for myself. I'll be there to demonstrate and make sure you understand everything we're doing, whether we're shooting long exposure, HDR, or architecture.

  • We’ll discuss the importance of artistic vision and how you can develop your own.
  • You’ll learn how to approach a location and shoot it consciously and deliberately, instead of just taking random snapshots and hoping for something good.
  • You’ll learn how to take control of your camera and make it a tool that serves your vision instead of letting the camera make creative decisions for you.
  • You’ll learn how and when to bracket a shot that exceeds the dynamic range of your camera so you have more options later in post processing.

By the time the day is over, you’ll have some shots that will serve as a starting point for creating some great art. For this day, you’ll need:

  • A camera that can shoot in RAW
  • A sturdy tripod
  • You should bring both a long zoom lens (approx.150mm-300mm) and a wide angle zoom lens (approx. 14mm-35mm), if you have them. That should give you good coverage.
  • Although this isn’t a long exposure workshop, if you have neutral density filters and want to learn how to use them properly, bring them along. If enough attendees have them, we can shoot some long exposures.

Day Two, 10am to at least 4pm: On this day, we will work in our conference center in Schaumburg. You'll learn how I approach a RAW negative and I’ll guide you through the process of creating a fine art black and white image. Then we'll work together with the images you shot the day before and you'll use the techniques I teach you to create a fine art photograph. There will be plenty of one-on-one instruction. You’ll learn:

  • The different types of black and white conversion and which ones work best.
  • How to make masks to give you greater control over the lighting in your image.
  • How to control and even re-light an image so it reflects your vision.
  • Dodging and burning the digital way using luminosity masks (which I will teach you how to make) and other tone controlling tools.
  • How to “paint” light and contrast where none existed before.
  • Techniques for emphasizing and de-emphasizing different parts of your image.
  • And much more.

This will be a hands-on session and we're going to cover a lot of ground. You should have at least a basic working knowledge of Photoshop (how to navigate the interface and work with layers) and a basic knowledge of Lightroom (how to import images and use at least some of the sliders). You’ll also need a laptop loaded with and capable of running the following software:

All of this software is available for download in the form of fully functional 30 day trials, except the Easy Panel, which is free. So you won’t have to spend any money to try them out. If you don't have a laptop, don't let that stop you from coming. Try to pair up with someone else and take great notes. Your attendance still gets you any time access to me through the Facebook page and website.

I've spent more than twenty years developing my vision and my craft. Now I'm going to share my knowledge and experience with you.

                                                     You get two days and a minimum of 12 hours of personalized, hands-on instruction                                                                                       from multiple international award winning photographer Jim Welninski at a one-time introductory rate of $199!                            A non-refundable deposit of $50 guarantees your spot. The balance of $149 is due by 10-16-15.

In addition, you’ll get access to a private page on this website where you can contact him for additional help. You’ll also get access to a private Facebook page where you can post your images, see the work of other students, and comment on and critique each other’s work. This is a great way to interact and a great tool for further learning. In order to facilitate a personal learning experience, this workshop is limited to 10 students. This is a unique opportunity and the workshop will fill up quickly, so don't wait! Reserve your spot now! 

Let's get the Shot!

Karen Gallo
Got The Shot Club